About Us

Hugtek Arms was established in 2005 in a small workshop in the town of Huglu. Huglu residents have nearly 100 years of history and experience with firearms. Under the leadership of Huğtek President Aydin Kuyucu, with the curiosity and desire to achieve success since his childhood, Hugtek company is growing day by day and expanding its market all around the world.

Hugtek Arms is the biggest surface coating company in the firearms industry, along with the high-quality firearms it produces. By blending quality customer service with the firearms manufacturing experience it has gained over the years, it is rapidly progressing towards becoming a world-renowned brand. Hugtek Arms uses raw materials and equipment in accordance with world standards in production, uses the latest quality control techniques and works meticulously to maintain this quality at all production stages with its expert staff. All firearms produced are tested under the most difficult conditions, considering TSE, CIP and the official standards of the importing country. It provides its customers with unforgettable experiences with its stylish and high-quality products produced by blending traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology. Whether you’re a sport shooter, hunter, or protecting your home, Hugtek Arms produces firearms that will exceed your expectations of how a firearm should perform.



Hugtek Arms is dedicated to producing durable, safe and stylish hunting rifles at affordable prices to serve all its customers worldwide.



To ensure continuity as the first choice of customers with the most valuable service and product quality in the world and to be the leading brand in its sector.