About Us

In the Huğlu neighborhood of Beyşehir district of Konya, one of our elders’ acquaintance with guns due to his duty in the army during the First World War led to the birth of our shotgun art in Huğlu. The inclination of the people of Huğlu to art, industry, and development has caused this elder to expand his gun repair business, repairing old stuffed rifles and guns and starting to manufacture them over time. Due to the geographical location of the region, the interest of all the townspeople in the manufacture of rifles has increased over time.

Aydın Kuyucu, who started the art of rifles inherited from his ancestors at 14 in the Huğlu Shotgun Cooperative, turned to the coating side of the sector after gaining experience there. After completing his military service, Aydın Kuyucu started the rifle coating business by establishing an under-home workshop, where the foundations of Huğtek Surface Coating were laid.

Today, Huğtek Surface Coating provides surface coating services to many sectors such as the defense industry, automotive, machinery and spare parts with its expert engineers and personnel, with the liquid and gas waste treatment system, fully automated, R&D laboratory, in a total area of 5300 m2 in Beyşehir Organized Industrial Zone.

Our company, which started the production of hunting rifles in a total area of 700 m2 in 2020, today produces the guns that it has produced as a result of the ongoing projects as a result of the investments made in R&D and P&D, machinery and technology in a total area of 3000 m2, in a high standard, quality and ethical values policy. As Arms, it exports to many European countries, especially to America.


Our Mission

As Huğtek Surface Coating and Huğtek Arms, our mission is to contribute to the development of many sectors, especially the defense industry, by making mass production with design, R&D, technology based on the quality management system.